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Chinda Smith is a Lao born British national who is an emerging artist based in the UK. A central theme in Smith's work is the erasure of her Asian identity, drawn from the experience of existing in a state of limbo between the Lao and British diaspora. Smith openly experiments with mediums such as
etching, pencil, and sculpture, although painting is a language that is most connected to her practice. A form of escapism from the overwhelming, Smith uses her artist expression to find moments of quiet to depict and ground herself in.

Her recent series under the title The Forgotten highlights a fundamental shift in Smith’s practice. Painted solely from memory, these works include Entertain Yourselves, Dancing in the Rain, and Bhuddist Temple with Aunty Lee. They embody a recollection of childhood memories in Lao.

Smith has recently concluded her Art Foundation year at the Royal Drawing School, achieving a distinction. Tutors have commended her ambition and sustained, self-led and focused approach toworking. Where her negotiation of pictorial depth, multi-figure composition and colour has been
carefully considered and has led to a complex series of paintings which deals with narrative, personal memory and wider cultural questions.
Smith has been a regular face in the Royal Drawing School social media platform, engaging with audiences through live streams and interactive stories.

She is also a member of the ZigguArt online art collective.

Smith is about to start her Bachelor of Arts degree course in Fine Art Painting at Camberwell College of Arts.

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