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ChiTree Kai
Qi-flow Artist, Painter

“Painting is my Yoga”

Visionary Yoga Arts & Meditation.
Inspired by nature, around so within.
In Flow with the Tao and the 5 Elements.

Being Inspired by Nature, the Elements and the Tao of Ever Changing Cycles,
the Zen of harmonic Imperfection and direct Experience through the Abstract in Balance
and Vibrant Energy, the Qi in the polar dance of Unity - ChiTree Kai expresses Meditatiative
Journeys, aligning with the elements, visualised in Paintings of free flowing Brush and Spiraling Lines.


the Brush is an Instrument,
balancing and harmonising the internal with the external world.
Combining Meditation in Motion with the Stillness of Reflection.


In Painting:
with no desire of reproduction, rather letting creation flow through me.
In Joy, being a witness and taken on a journey within, that finds expression on the canvas.
Generally with Materials: Acrylics on Canvas, Mural, Wood. 

In Mixedmedia and 'Analog-ital':
Sketching Visual Notes with Pencil on Paper, digitalising and editing with color, changing composition, adding layers in software. Then printing the artwork composition on Canvas, to 'energise'
whirling and swirling, adding that organic touch with brush, contiuning on painted layers and texture.

This is a Converging and inter-connected process between media within subtle and material space.


if you labor,  you're a Laborer
if you work on a farm, you're a Farmer
when you flow, you're a Flower

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