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I am a soon to be Cognitive Neuroscience graduate from the University of South Australia with unfortunately, not much hope in pursuing anything related to my degree. I have always found what I study to be extremely fascinating, but I have never felt ‘fulfilled’ within my studies. Art has always been the affair within my life, offering an escape I could rely on to lift my moods and inspire me in times of need. I finally decided early this year to take a leap into the unknown and start pursuing my art journey and career. Even though I‘m only twenty one, I have already struggled a lot throughout my art journey in terms of creating a sense of self. Although I found myself constantly inspired by my surroundings, I was unable to persuade that into a self-conceptualised style. I was unable to lean into the void and let myself be surrounded by its beauty. I had an epiphany that occurred after becoming a slave to bob ross and his naturalistic paintings that I didn’t have a style and this in itself, is what made up who I was and completed and filled my void. This newfound freedom is what inspired me to work off my subconscious emotions with use of colour blocks and untraditional colour pairing which allowed me to express myself through a range of different movements, mainly dancing along the lines of realism within my landscapes and abstract cofounds with a touch of expressionism within my pours. I found myself learning to love the simplistic, minimalistic yet chaotic nature that would follow with each piece. I know that at twenty one, my concept self of being an artist will change along will all that I will learn and experience, but I am excited to be swallowed by those opportunities and interested in where I will end up with my ever changing style and sense of self.

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