Christian Aguilar is an American Painter from Orange County California, where he was born and raised.  Although formally trained as a graphic designer, he has worked diligently to develop his skills as a formal oil painter.  Much of his influence comes from personally studying the masters; such as Gauguin, Moreau, and Braque, whom he considers his teachers.

Christian has developed his own voice and style by avoiding indoctrination into the “Academic Arts”.  In that way, he has maintained his own individuality as a painter.  No two paintings of his are alike but all of his paintings are unmistakably his.  

“I believe art is its own force that can communicate independently of spoken language. Regardless of my intellectual intent, If the ideas are not evident in my work than I have failed as an artist. The true mark of an artist is the ability to transcend linguistic barriers and show truth through imagery.”

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