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Christian Dubreuil was born in 1978 in the Paris area. As a child, he has always been passionate about arts and creation. He assiduously attended painting courses until graduating, and joined a preparatory school of Fine Arts afterwards.

He was selected in Angers, where he stayed only one year - the time to move towards computer graphics. He entered MJM, in Paris, to learn desktop publishing, and came out as a graphic designer. For several years, he worked in an agency and ended up being self-employed. He specialised in visual identity and collaborated with many clients.

Japanese animated films and pop-art artists such as Takashi Murakami inspired him. He then began to develop an artistic project that kept him awake day and night, and took the name of Point2Point. His style broke free with the creation of 2D vector works, with an abundance of details and bright colours revoking the gaming world.

In 2010, he exhibited the results of his research at Fnac Digitale Odéon, on big screen. He was then invited to the United States by the Lowbrow Art Whino art gallery.

His artistic appetite was keen : he never stopped renewing his techniques and learning new ones. Digital was no longer enough for him and he spread on supports of wood, silk, kraft and canvas. He also diversified his tools and worked in acrylic, posca and pastel. The Japanese aesthetic and folk universe continued to guide his style: kabuki, ukiyo-e, feature films by Akira Kurusawa and Takeshi Kitano. These influences fuelled his interest in inks, precious papers, plays of light and transparency

He thus came up with “Japoniaiseries”, several series of paintings around yokai, samurai and geisha. He played with dimensions, offering creations both tiny and majestic. During summer 2011, he exhibited his enigmatic portraits on a boat, in front of the Eiffel Tower. A floating place which highlighted its theatrical gallery.

He joined a live painting in Le Mans, on the theme of street art, and exhibited his work in the Parisian gallery Vanessa Rau, specialised in Japanese contemporary art.

In 2015 a happy event, in the form of a baby girl, pushed him to put his artistic career on hold. He was hired by a French luxury house and, in this new world of retail, immersed himself in the subtleties of haute couture. The history of fashion enriched its repertoire, as well as other names: Lautrec, Mucha, Doisneau….

A few years later, in September 2019, he started to paint again. Samurais again, geishas. And suddenly the time changed. Characters. The place. Everything is reinvented, reinterpreted, all these influences blended.

We are in the 1920s in Paris. Les “Pariniaiseries”  were born…

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