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I am a bi-lingual Artist, who grew up in North-Eastern France in a family of four siblings. My first glance into an artistic world came through watching my mother draw during her free time. She was inspired by the Old Masters and had a large collection of books containing many of their works.  I used to admire these very much. 

Time and life passed on by and then, at twenty-eight years of age, I met an Art teacher who re-kindled my old passion - and it has never left me again!

I draw now on an eclectic combination of influences, materials, and time periods. My Art is oriented toward positivity, pleasure, aesthetic sense, glamour, exuberance, and overall faith in society.  My work is an amalgam of many styles - the luxury of Art Deco against the brilliance of metal leaf; the exoticism of China, or the bright colors of Fauvism!  These may appear contradictory at first but are actually united by my desire for the viewer to step into and participate in the story.

For the past fifteen years, I have lived near London, giving me access to some of the best Galleries and Artworks to be experienced anywhere in the world.  

My own training began in several Art studios in France and abroad and I have continued to learn and improve my techniques using the many available courses, books, and videos that we are lucky enough to have access to in our society today.

I have participated in Exhibitions in, Paris, Milan, Basel, London, Strasbourg, and New-York.

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