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I create in order to challenge my own thoughts, ideas, and proficiency in the chosen medium. And I enjoy working with the unexpected in those mediums. Creating an allowance for the "happy accident" letting some marks, texture, and blending happen, which is more natural in this digital age, like scars on our skin. The thoughts and ideas I choose to express come from those inner desires, and past memories of taste and touch. And just like most things in life, they all appear, as well as seem to happen unexpectedly.


On a more personal note, I am initially from the mountains of Pennsylvania in the United States. There I grew up with the idea in my head of being an artist. I never really knew what that meant. I still don’t really know. Nonetheless, I moved through life with that notion and graduated from the Kutztown University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts for communication design and advertising. From there I began working as a photographer, designer, production artist, art director, and now creative lead at various design agencies and creative companies that I never thought I would have the honor of working with. I gained an exponential amount of knowledge in the creative industry while pursuing a career in design. And still have so much to learn. Of which, I’m always excited, a little anxious, and looking forward to what comes next.

Ongoing Exhibition

Black Box Gallery in Portland Oregon, From September 1 to September 26

Upcoming Exhibitions

Northern California Art Show starting October 6 through November 1

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