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Cira Bhang is an Indonesian-born artist based in France. She moved to France in 2014. She lives with her husband in a small town in Provence, South of France. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts majoring in interior design, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, National Institute of Technology, in Indonesia. At the time when still lived in her home country, she worked as an interior designer, a lecturer of 2 Dimensional Design and 3 Dimensional Design, as a contemporary batik pattern designer, a batik process teacher for adult, children and also for children with a special needs, hearing and speech impaired. However, in art she's a self-taughtartist. She started to create an
abstract painting in 2016 at the age of 42 years.
From her mini tiny studio she loves to tell the stories within bright colours harmonised with layering of lines, shapes and brushstrokes intuitively by using acrylic paint, medium, mixed media on various surfaces of media, dimensions and sometimes collage. Her compositions are inspired as much from the simple things in her everyday life, or at times, more serious and even complex subjects as being a woman and wife.
Whilst painting, she discovers something interesting unexpectedly that leads her to the intention and the process of defining the work. The culmination of her work is total if the final result allows everyone a personal and unique interpretation. In her opinion, even something imperfect can become attractive.
“Don’t be afraid to show your colour“