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Art in all shapes has always been my greatest fascination and my primal form of expression. As a kid I was always drawn to my interior world more than I was to the exterior one, I often felt like my interior self was profoundly disconnected from the outside as there are parts of one’s conscience that words alone cannot quite reach; this is why art has been a way for me to recreate a glimpse of those parts and put them out into the light.

With time I grew to believe that art is just as much about expression as it is about identification, as the artist recreates fragments of his own interiority in the external world so that the viewer can not only recognize them but at the same time recognize himself through them. Art is, before anything else, a way to communicate. It has the power to create a bridge between people, and the fact that it’s done in such an implicit way, through symbols and unconscious connections, is what makes it so direct and powerful.

The topic that I find myself exploring the most is the humankind, the intricacy of human psychology, the enigmatic of our own relationship to the external world, and with each other. It’s obviously an ambiguous theme and definitely not an easy one to define through rationality, which is why they use of images proves to be one of the best ways to get to the core.

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