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To enjoy the journey
Painting for me equals to opening the lock to the doors of my imagination and that of the observer.
It is revealing a great secret that has been sheltered within my own ignorance.
Painting is having the possibility of remembering who I really am and of developing as a person in each creation.
It is the flame that lightens the memory of the divine origin where I belong, where there are no restrictions, prejudice nor judging.
Painting is letting the magnificence of my heart uncovered.
It is the space where, no matter the beauty or the absence of it, I express my truth.
Painting is my origin and my destiny, my beginning and my ending.
It is taking off the cloak that makes me almost invisible, it allows me to express myself.
It is speaking my mind and not silencing what I have to say.
It is the mentor that shows me the way back home.
In short, it is what it was, what it is, and what it will be.

    © 2020 by Hansford and Sons Fine Art Ltd.