Kiss of Seas - 2020 - 2ftby3ft - Acrylic



Confidence C. Blankson, is an adept Programme Management Expert with over 6 years of impressive experience in leading the planning and execution of development programs to address the economic and social needs of target communities. Also, a Fine and Applied Arts graduate with a specialty in abstract and string art, whose range as an artist is as wide and diverse as the brand. Confidence has subsequently been trained and certified in art gallery management and exhibition design; art therapy, renaissance life therapies; advocacy; among others.

She -an artist and value creator-identifies gaps and synthesizes solutions through her work.


Her vision is to amplify, give free rein to the creative spark and democratize access to the creative universe. Her aesthetic brings color to a world which tends to see in monochromatic shades, through her flowing psychedelic splash art.

For Confidence, art is a nexus of aesthetics, passion and social commentary especially about the lives of the underserved and ignored in society. As a certified and professional artist, Confidence founded The ArtKave; a full-service arts and crafts company committed to producing fun, creative and easy-to-use art products; offering innovative, and engaging artistic services; and also providing a space and new ways of exploring creativity for adults and kids (skilled and unskilled), and The ArtKave Foundation Africa with a tripartite goal: artivism and advocacy for underserved persons and communities; sustainable art, utilizing art as a tool for sustainable development; creating access to information, opportunities, and enabling platforms for students and other artists.

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