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Feni Chulumanco was born in 1994 03 January, inspired by art & culture from an early age while still at Qingqa mntwana from A to grade 7.The family’s decision to relocate to Langa Township led to change of school named Isilimela Comprehensive high school where he met Miss Nkunzi (art &culture and design teacher). He started from grade 8 and since then Nkunzi taught him art & culture till grade 12.There was a great shift from grade 10 as it began to be easy journey for him as Nkunzi began to be inspired by his art works and very motivational. This further led to his decision of taking Art and design as his first choice in grade 10.His best year was in grade 11 as that is when he discovered his own style , and Awarded a certificate of achievement (most improved performance in design) on the18th of October 2012 was also achieved .He then passed matric with diploma in 2013.He met Ayanda Mabhulu (controversial Artist) in 2014 at GREATMORE STUDIO, This was an encounter that led to him being groomed by Ayanda, from getting more knowledge and skills of attacking Canvas with oil paint to forming greater relationship , although he was also inspired by other artists in Greatmore. He then in 2015 worked for micro galleries at Langa in a program called “OPENING STREET”, working with Kat from Hong Kong who bought his artwork (landscape painting) which was a view of Langa Township. In 2018 he started working at Gugasthebe Local Centre of Langa, His Creativity on drawing and selling postcards and paintings to tourists led him better to buy some Materials and money for Living. He got accepted at ArtReach and got funded for a studio residence, He then did a group exhibition at AVA (Association of Visual Art).The Cape Town Tourist staff exhibited some of his artworks for an event. In the same year he had a group exhibition at ArtB Gallery (Art Bellville)

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