My name is Remi Sylvestre I'm from Hamilton Ontario Canada. I've been drawing and painting since and creating art since I can remeber even at the age of seven years old  I could amaze people with drawings of portraits and wildlife. I paint in a variety of styles including realism, surrealism and absract, although my carrier in life started early at the age of 17 and did not allow me much time to paint I still managed to amass a good solid collection of art broken up into three series and now that I've been forced to retire due to to Major car accident I have the time to pursue my main passion in life,art , my first series is called " Paintings of Peace (most powerful word leaders)" this is a seven set series of portraits of leader of some of the worlds most powerful countries,that I believe if worked together could establish work peace. all painted in same size and style with one bonus piece of the Pope that is half the size .

    The second series is called "Abstraction-Distraction" and is a collection of 33 abstract pieces that represent human actions and emotions.

 The third set is wildlife paintings I call "Animals of extinction" Wich is a smaller collection of eight paintings of animals that are still present today,

    I titled this collection this way becouse of the mass growth of human population that threatens the habitat of all animals in today's modern society. 


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