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I am an Artist and hold a Master's degree in Engineering with Software engineering work experience. Although an engineer by education I am an artist from the heart and this is my story. I have always been curious about the art form drawing & painting since childhood, thanks to the motivation and encouragement from my loved ones. When I started I did not limit myself to draw on just canvas, I also experimented with drawing colorful designs on the floor called Rangoli (in India) which I relate a lot to Mandala art. One vivid memory from my adolescence is of working with oil paints and painted a landscape that almost took a month for completion and it hangs to date in my house. It made me realize two things that I have the patience and persistence to keep improving my brush strokes and the fact that there is an artist in me. But life had taken a different path and I got involved in completing my degree both undergraduate and graduate. I also worked as a Software engineer. However, all these years getting back to Drawing & Painting had always been at the back of my head. And a year back I finally acted on my inner calling and started painting again. I was scared in the beginning but with daily practice and talking to people with similar interests helped in rebuilding my confidence.


The reason I like this art form is that I experience a sense of satisfaction and joy when pouring and mixing colors to fill the landscape of my imagination. Through my artwork I intend to share that satisfying experience. I draw inspiration from everyday life and Nature around me, be it a beautiful little flower growing on a patch of grass to the abstractness of the enormous Galaxy that surrounds us. I love working with Acrylic, watercolor, oil, and resin medium to create art in the form of paintings, gift cards and bookmarks, and any craftwork that highlights magic of colors.

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