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Hello, I am Silvia Anzoletti. I’m 21 and I’m Italian. I am currently studying "Fashion Communication with Business studies” at University of Brighton.

Thanks to my family, since I was very young I have always loved Art. Nowadays, if I have to describe myself I would say: ‘Abstract Artist’ and ‘Fashion Photographer’.
My passion for abstract art started during the last years of primary school. In my first year of Secondary School a teacher, who I wasn’t a student of, asked me to create four abstract murals for the school’s new gymnasium. This was the first time I showed my art to other people.

Sometimes I start drawing without thinking about it and in the case I need to use colour, I am always thoughtful of which choice I make. I just connect my hand with my feelings and fantasy.

Most of the time I really need to find inspiration behind my artwork, which for me can be a ‘concept to send’, something to communicate to the spectators.
I can draw in very mysterious ways but normally.. it’s a bit like life there is always a final truth, but before you get there you have to let yourself go. Your mind, your heart.

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