I am interested in exploring the medium of painting itself. Simplicity and chaos, inner and outer world, stillness and motion are constant pillars of exploration in my working process.

My abstract works are mostly shaped by the mountainous surroundings here. The pure and unpolished experience in raw nature. I think they are in a way an exploration of my true self because they are connected to moments in solitude.

I am primarily interested in finding good forms and lines in relation to colors and haptic texture. What I am seeking is mark-making tactility, breath, dynamics, color. Qualities such as softness versus crudity and immediacy, that’s what I try to find.


Normally I start painting without making sketches. I often have an inner image of the colors I am going to prepare and then I start. Usually, the first phase of the painting is fast, getting slower and really slow during the painting process. Sometimes a painting hangs a few weeks in my studio until I decide to rework it.

Experimenting with materials but also with techniques I find it very stimulating for my working practice. I used to paint in silence for a long time and rediscovered lately that Music can be a great origin for a painting! The painting process is organization and improvisation at the same time. When I paint I have to make sure to hold the balance between mental knowledge and passionate intuitive knowledge – it’s like being empty in the making and analytical in the observation.

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