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Craig’s background as a multimedia artist includes painting, filmmaking, and experimental forms of digital art. He completed a Ph.D. in film studies in 2013, was a senior lecturer in Canterbury Christ Church University, and now dedicates his creativity and passion to abstract painting on canvas in County Louth, Ireland.

He specializes in acrylic paintings with an emphasis on composition and contrasting areas of solid colour alongside more detailed painterly areas of interest. Craig uses a range of techniques within his paintings to layer colour and texture. His work is at times energetic with notable expressive use of paint on canvas, and at other times methodical and measured. His paintings often exhibit washes of paint combined with palette knife layering and subtle mark-making scores in the paint that resemble handwriting. His experimental film work focuses on abstract moments in time, the human body, and semi-fictional narratives that present an alternative vision of the world.

Craig has exhibited in Ireland and Germany and has sold his work Internationally to a range of clients.


‘Harajuku Jam’
PS2 Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
26 October – 13 November 2007

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