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Cristina Grigore is a 25 years old, self-taught artist born in Bucharest, Romania and currently living in Dubai, U.A.E.  Her medium is acrylic, and her work is composed of abstract, still life and seascape paintings.


Ever since she was young she was very passionate about painting, but she always thought that in order to be able to paint, one would need to attend a fine arts university.


In 2019 she decided that she needs to create. That was her calling. Ever since she started painting, she keeps on growing as an artist, painting almost daily.


Cristina is getting her inspiration from her travels around the world, but she is mostly following her intuition while painting. Through her work, she tries to express the feeling of freedom. She likes to experiment with different styles of painting, but one thing she knows for sure, that she will never stop creating art.

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