Cristina Menni lives and works in the town of Pietrasanta in Tuscany, Italy. Born into a family with a strong artistic vein running through with

the grandfather as painter and father jewelry designer, with whom she collaborates for many years, allows her to experiment and develop different artistic techniques. She undertakes humanistic studies but in recent years she to fully dedicate herself to art, choosing to express the intense power of creation with heavy and instinctive materiality, combining a variety of both industrial and organic materials.

Each canvas tells of the action, an act of strength, primordial energy from which a surface-world is born, as powerful as the materials it contains but at the same time fragile as the reality it represents. The artist leaves everything in the balance, suggesting a reflection on the different possibilities of being. Is each of her paintings really an impenetrable wall, like the gesture-raw material or is it an expression of the fragility of earthly things that crumble under the nails?

She has participated in various personal and collective exhibitions, both Italian and international, among the latest exhibitions:

2019 Partners&Mucciaccia Gallery Mayfair, Londra

2019 Yacht Show Montecarlo

2019 Galleria Puntogartgallery Pietrasanta

2019 Galleria Farini Bologna

2018 Palazzo Ducale Massa

2018 Villa Coldogno Vicenza

2018 Gamec Pisa

2017 Palazzo Comunale Pietrasanta

2017 Palazzo Quartieri Forte dei Marmi

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