Veloce SantopaoloArt Acrylic on canvas 5



A native of São Paulo, Cristina learned to paint in Paraty, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. An exotic scenario that inspired her early works: the nature of the area and the mystery of the small town contributed to the production of
her first paintings.
Since then, her painting style has evolved thanks to new techniques and specially by the guidance received by her masters - masters of today and also from the past. She expresses lots of gratitude for all these masters. Museum
visits, readings on art history and biographies of painters led her to history, philosophy, and psychology. Painting is a constant pleasure and a constant challenge. Painters are always in search of solutions in color, motif and shape.
When images of the unconscious appear as a source of inspiration, it is always good to capture them spontaneously because they are of personal context. For her, painting is an activity where time loses control since the moments of creation seem eternal. Losing track of time ... a triumph over the automatism of modern life.
Here are two references to female artists she admires:
“To be an artist, you have to exist in a world of silence.” (Louise Bourgeois)
“Art is a one-way trip.“ (Tomie Ohtake)

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