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Chantal Savard was born in 1966 in Gatineau Canada, and now been living in the Montreal area for more than 30 years. She started oil painting classes at the age of 13 for 4 years. She gave up painting for many years in the field of interior design. In her professional career, and as an interior designer, Chantal has worked with different materials. Using shape, colors, textures, and finishes to make harmonious compositions.

In 2015 she started painting again and in 2017 she decided to enroll in a first acrylic painting workshop. Love at first sight for this medium and the passion for creation comes back in force. In 2019 she enrolled at the University of Visual Arts, and in 2020 she attended workshops on ‘’working on paper” in New York. Learning on fabricating and molding techniques, sculpture, collage to find ways she could incorporate those into her art. One of her passion is to always discover new techniques and push her art further.

She mostly works in large formats where she can express herself with texture, gesture of instruments, and colors. She is not afraid of trying new mediums and technics, creating accidents and random effects in her paintings. Living in the mountains, she is very inspired by the surrounding nature.

With a lot of training and practice, she developed her unique style where you will find different techniques in harmony with one and other.

She is provocative for the pleasure of the spectator.

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