dancer & 2 figures 16 inches x 17 inches



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I am primarily a figurative & abstract mixed media artist working with traditional paint & charcoal mediums. I am working on a long term project where I am trying to convey my figure work based around the theme of solitude.


I have also recently begun working with digital techniques using a process of line work, photomontage, layers & other digital elements.


I have been creating artwork for over 40 years. I usually adopt a formal process together with experimentation, & try not to get too precious about where the composition will lead.

It is then a bonus if the composition has surprise elements appearing giving an eventual & hopefully satisfactory outcome.


The figurative work is usually drawn & painted loose with a limited palette.

The abstract work is usually monochrome or limited colour with a minimalist aesthetic.

The digital work is primarily figurative where the figures are vague in a minimal setting where the viewer can conclude his own interpretations. These works are sometimes printed on canvas with paint added so as to produce a completed embellished work.

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