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Cate Wicks works mostly with gouache and acrylic on any surface. Frequently Cate paints women as she has a daughter, sisters, and a large group of strong female friends. Cate says, ‘There’s something special about representing femininity, softness, and curves while maintaining the core of strength that all women have; depicting the beauty without sexualization and simplification.’ Initially, Cate didn’t choose to paint portraits and she definitely didn’t want to paint women, but time and time again found herself drawn to the female form; ‘I like the juxtaposition of our curves and edges but also knew I didn’t want to include traditional contours within my work.’ This is where her love of colour came into play, she is drawn to the 1980s clashes and art deco colours and use these in place of traditional contours and shadows to express the vibrancy of her subjects. Cate’s inspiration is drawn from daily life, women, people, and places she sees. Often, she paints the mundane, nothing particularly unusual, and yet inexplicably it’s an image she relates to and we all can relate to from our daily lives. Equally, Cate wants to capture how she is feeling or how she perceives another person is feeling in a fleeting moment of time; often by remembering past events, things from her teenage years, things from her 20s, and how she felt on those particular days. It’s often a very strong emotion that Cate remembers rather than the event. Ultimately, she strives to find a commonality between people, and often our raw emotions are the most basic and powerful of our shared experiences.


Cate has recently exhibited within her home town of Norwich and Norfolk. She is also a published illustrator, including for a global best selling book, Timeless, which continues to top the charts for its genre, and magazines, including The Gallery which aims to support women and those identifying as women, in the arts.

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