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Cyrielle Recoura is a self-taught and independent French artist, based next to
Munich. She works with two main techniques: collage and abstract painting. She is deeply engaged for equality and feminism, especially through the creation of "charity artworks" who enable her to donate money to non-profit organisations.

Her recent collage “Racism a public health issue” supports the pacifist protest
movement against racial inequality and violence towards the African American community. She will donate 30% of the collage benefits to a charity called The Conscious Kid, an anti- racist children's book education fund.

She genuinely believes that art has the power to make the world better, either by
supporting a cause or even just by bringing joy into someone's life. Color and motion are guidelines in her work, dancing on her canvas with a hint of magic. Her artworks are meant to be a source of wonder, of happiness.

In the last two years, Cyrielle Recoura took part to 9 solo and group exhibitions, in
Germany and Italy.


Aug-Sept 2020 "Nach Regen folgt Sonnenschein" @Ollinger1, Feldkirchen Westerham, Germany
Jun-Jul 2020 "Nach Regen folgt Sonnenschein" @Arte&Vino, Rosenheim, Germany
Feb 2020 PRECIOUS ART in the Galleria Merlino Firenze Florenz, Italy
Nov-Dec 2019 Winter Exhibition @Dinzler am Esbaum, Rosenheim, Germany
Oct 2019 – Feb 2020 Exhibition a part of the company @Duschl Ingenieure’s 60th anniversary, Rosenheim, Germany
Sept 2019 Fall Exhibition @Peissnhof, Bad Aibling, Germany
Apr 2019 Spring Exhibition @Dinzler am Esbaum, Rosenheim, Germany
Dec 2018 Winter Exhibition @Dinzler am Esbaum, Rosenheim, Germany
Apr 2018 First Exhibition @Dinzler am Esbaum, Rosenheim, Germany

03-04 October 2020: Kunst- und Designmarkt, Munich, Germany.

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