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Daniel Couet born in Versailles wanted at a very young age to be an illustrator but became fascinated with the paintings and the colours of Gauguin and Van Gogh when he accompanied his mother to her monthly visit to the Louvre.

in 1968 he went to the beaux-arts, but his family prefered to see him follow a different path. He graduated at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Appliques in Paris, designer and interior architect.

He worked in India and France within a group of international architects. In 1986 he finally started his own painting studio in Aix en Provence, hundred meters away from the house of Cezanne.

Soon he moved to an Amsterdam’s houseboat, living and painting on the beautiful canal. Nowadays more than 500 paintings have found their way to new owners. Daniel relentlessly explores the mystical power of images. Never afraid of taking risks with colours and shapes, Couet works every day influenced by the social events happening around him. In his works, women and men have a central place.  With his colourful brush strokes, he expresses

our vulnerability, contradictions, hopes and desires.

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