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My name is Daniel Iliescu. I am currently based in Ipswich, Suffolk, UK but originally I am from Tîrgoviște, Romania, a town of great historic importance where the real Dracula ruled and the communist leaders were executed.

I have been an artistic person for as long as I remember. I studied classical music and violin in my first 4 years of school then decided to pursue visual arts and painting which I did for 8 years finishing with a Baccalaureate Diploma in Visual Arts and Painting.

In 2014 I got married and moved to Ipswich but did not pursue the arts anymore. In early 2020 I decided it’s time. It’s time to get back to what is unseen within but so eager to get out.

My artwork is abstract and contemporary using a fairly new medium, Alcohol Inks, which is very fluid and intuitive with bold, bright and pigment rich colours but I also use Acrylics and Spray Paints. The main surfaces I use are canvas and synthetic paper.

Intuition and experimentation is a key factor in my creation process, blocking all rational thought and letting the intangible energy manifest itself.

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