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I paint in search of the truth.


Beyond the physical and psychological masks, society wears, there are answers that lie buried deep.

Each painting is created using an acrylic impasto technique. The image is created by deconstructed painted layers. Using palette knives to scrape through the paint, my journey takes me beneath; it takes me deeper, to the real story that lies buried.

By destructing and altering the earlier work the painting reveals itself to me.


By removing layers, I’m inviting the viewer to see through the surface of the painting. To look beyond subject matter because as in life the truth lies buried below the surface. The colors, the depth, the shadows are but a glimpse of the dance between the psychological and the physical. Faceless figures inhabit each piece because I fear as a society; we no longer see beyond, past the face, content with the superficial, we are losing our connection to one another.


My paintings involve themes of the personal: fragmented dreams, active memories, curiosity, and opinions about the unfortunate social crisis and political upheaval that surrounds us. 

The creation of each piece helps me to make sense of my place in this time, my humanity, and my unconscious feelings; it keeps me grounded as everything else shifts. 

My work begs that we see through the obvious, the cynicism, the mundane and destroy the barriers that society and we ourselves have created.

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