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Since my youth art has been part of my self. So art was my favorite subject at high school. But I am also characterized by a logical and rational side. At first, both sides were opposed to each other and thus the question: art or law as a course of study? I initially decided on the law.


After a long and exciting time as a lawyer and manager in the banking sector, I decided to give art a place in my life too.


As an autodidact, I started with figurative painting and discovered more and more my love for abstract art and colors. The subject of opposites, which shapes my life, can always be found in my works.


In this way, both the objectivity, but also in a subtle way, the colors, shapes, and arrangements in the abstract works alternate again and again. My last works are characterized by stronger colors, which should express my joy in the life path I have now taken. The tension process itself is not finished.

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