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David Paul is an Australian born Artist who is gaining success on the international stage. A career highlight for David Paul was being selected as 1 out of 100 worldwide professional artists to exhibit in America at Sotheby’s New York City in 2018. 


David Paul has also exhibited in a group show at the Swiss Art Expo as part of Art Basel 2019. 


David Paul blends conventions of Contemporary, Pop and Street Artistry together, seeking new and evolving ways to visually uplift and polarise the subject. The Artist is best known for his paintings and mixed media works and while influenced from popular culture, there is also a sense of social commentary explored throughout his art making practice.  


There is a kinetic energy running within the subject matter and composition of the Artist’s work which is achieved by using directional brushwork, flowing shapes and colours. Layers of overlapping and defining lines make areas of colour pop while providing structure. 


David Paul describes Art as a visual conversation between the Artist and the Audience. 

Artist Statement


“I am driven to explore the narrative that a subject can hold. I believe that it is my role to provide the audience with a work of art that encourages them to imagine the before and after within the narrative”. 


“I will often explore different concepts in a body of work however my pursuit of movement is forever present throughout my art making practice”. 


“I am currently exploring a moving subject and composition throughout a single collection of works that I call Props. These props could be viewed as single works of art if taken out of context however, the collection of props is designed to be transformed into a digital dialogue and showcased in the production of stop motion pictures”. 



Group Show



Art Basel - Swiss Art Expo, SBB Event Hall, Switzerland

Artbox Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland.



AD ART SHOW, Sotheby’s NYC, America. 



Art Basel, Euro Airport, Switzerland



Art Basel, Spectrum Miami, America.




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