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I am a figurative realism painter with abstraction elements, i prefer to work with acrylics on large canvases. I am mostly interested in the human figure, primarly in women faces that are depicted in close-up. I love face expressions, i paint inscrutable expressions. Parts of the faces are often concealed with abstration which gives the model another dimension. I want to give the face detailed attention in contrast of the secret that is concealed in the abstraciton.


All people are carrying secrets and hidden demons and i want the viewer to interpret this in their own way throughout every painting.





I have previously exhibited my art at Hörle Slott, and Gmmifabriken in Värnamo , my hometown. I have invited to exhibit my art in the Art Fair in Brussels this year in November , if the corona situations allows me to leave.

I have also plans for several group and and solo exhibitions in various galleries throughout Sweden.