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As an artist, I believe life is a canvas that allows you to express your feelings and give you the opportunity to show the world your origin and identity.


My expressionism style of art makes the artist express him or herself with any medium

the name of my painting style is called ÀBÈFÉ meaning (pleaded to be loved) which is my native name, my craft is an expressionism style of art,

I use portraits of beautiful black women to speak to the society about morals, good behavior, love, and unity, an image of a black beautiful woman always reminds me of how my strong mother trained and brought me up with love and good morals helping me to discover my real self, the concept of using a black woman is a great reference to my loving mother and the role Other women had played in my life, their importance and existence in the world cannot be underestimated.


I chose to become a full-time artist immediately after my university education


I decided to become an artist because of the passion and love I have for creativity which is a great tool of self-expression and communication, with this I believe and I know that African art and style can be seen and appreciated across the globe


Over the years, I researched the use of media like postal colors, oil colors, acrylics, and others. my works are in the collections of organizations such as KPMG Lagos, Super Sports TV, Standard Chartered Bank among others.

I participated in a seven days’ exhibition, which is organized by Victor Arts and The Metaphor, which featured no fewer than 20 paintings and mixed media works that highlight some critical aspects of our environmental and cultural life as a nation.

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