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My Artistic name is Dazegon, but my full name is Tanner Dazegon Kapayou. I’m a 19-year-old self-taught Native American artist. I started painting in 2017 when I felt like I just had to express difficult emotions. Three years later my perspective on the use of painting has shifted from expression-oriented to novelty-oriented. It’s now more about “how can I make a new image that nobody’s ever seen before?”

I feel as if when I make something new I’m pushing the evolution of the arts forward. This already happens naturally, but when a singular focus to the evolution of painting is applied, growth happens faster and faster; this is why my work often shifts “style.” My style is achieved through natural or random movement. My best paintings are made completely by my brush with no forethought, and my least favorite works stem from preconceived ideas before I even start. I’ve only ever known this process of painting because I first started with abstraction.

            My inspiration lies in the deeper aspects of life, what I’m thinking about, and learning when I’m not painting that affects my work the most. It’s philosophical fuel for painting, which I then use for spiritual sustenance. When I’m looking at a finished painting, I can only see the meaning it holds for myself, or I look for what I can learn about myself in the image.

            I have only ever had local showings of my work, both coordinated completely by myself. My first show was in the Meskwaki High School cafeteria in Tama Iowa, and my second show was at the Toledo Public Library. I also sold work at the Annual Christmas Expo, which took place at the Meskwaki Bingo Casino.

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