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Daisy Martha Baker specializes in mixed media artwork combing fine art illustrations, spray paint, fluid art designs, and digital paintings to create a final digital art piece. She favors working in fine art and digital art and sees her creative practice as a form of self-expression.


"My artwork is very free and self-explanatory, I like to do my own thing, as this is still a hobby for me. I work full time, so art is my escapism. My fluid art can take on many concepts and people see different things within my fluid paintings."


She currently resides in Ipstones, a rural village in the Staffordshire Moorlands, UK. Daisy cites Gerhard Richter, Francis Bacon, and Andy Warhol as significant influences. Notable fans of her artwork include TV broadcasters, Yvette Fielding and Dr. Karl Beattie, who host the UK television show 'Most Haunted'.


Daisy is an autodidact who began her creative practice in 2014. For the past four years, Dasiy has been regularly exhibiting her work in the Staffordshire area. She is enthusiastic about expanding her exhibition experience and welcomes the opportunity to participate in shows further afield.

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