I am a visual artist currently living in Bucharest, Romania. After firstly graduating economical studies and afterwards, photography and video universities, I have concluded that I would like to live my life as a full-time painter, and I had no regrets. Any form of visual manifestation fullfills and rewards me constantly, encouraging me never to give up in making the surroundings, and hence, my world more beautiful. That is part of my personal pledge to life.

The encaustic medium makes that very easy and fun for me. That means that the majority of the paintings that I create are composed and fused with a mixture of natural filtered bees wax, combined with damar resin, which gives it

endurance and shine.

I love to be an original artist and I create multi-layered paintings using watercolor, gouache paints, crayons, ink, photos and even metalic foils, not just clear or pigmented wax. As an autodidact, I discovered that sculpting the hardened wax creates a surreal atmosphere, giving a more detailed image to the already

3D picture.

Therefore, I like to view my paintings as gateways to possible heavens, windows towards colourful and complex positive worlds, portals that open the before cold and blank walls, freeing the imagination, mind and soul of the viewers.

“ Delia Stirbu is a multisensorial and multidimensional artist through the technique she uses, and very
brave in her pictorial approach. Encaustic, the medium that she uses for her creations, is unique in
Romania and rarely used worldwide! This element of uniqueness has recommended her to be a part of Romanian Art Factory (RAF) – the first “factory” type of “virtual reality” gallery in Romania, with an
online artshop included. Details of Delia Stirbu’s portfolio are listed on

Romanian Art Factory is the first 360˚ gallery in Romania with an online store.

The creative potential in Romania can be seen here. Everything that is “made” with passion by the
Romanian artists, unique, is here. In this virtual, unconventional space, Romanian artists can exhibit
works and can be widely published, all over the world, the creative force of Romania. Art consumers have, through modern technology, a gallery space that satisfies the most complex tastes in the field of art.

Romanian Art Factory takes the Romanian visual art from the rigor of traditional promotion and
incorporates it into the new international trends. Romanian Art Factory is a collaborative environment, bringing together, contemporary Romanian artists and consumers of art, 100% Romanian, but also a tradable environment, through which contemporary art is promoted and sold worldwide.

Mary Niculae, MBA –cofounder RAF mary.niculae@businessmart.ro

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