Da Silva is a prolific dreamer. From an early age he began exploring many form of arts, to give life to his fantasies. Music, drawing, writing, and photography are his beloved means of expressing his creative forces, and the wilderness of his ideas, the depth of his interpretation of life, love, beauty and death. 
As a talented music composer, author and singer, he has a strong role in the french music landscape. His 7th album, Au revoir chagrin is out on october. 
He also created le Mystere des Couleurs, a musical based on his best seller book for children. 
As a day dreamer, he constantly needs to find artistic innovations to create a reality from his thoughts, that is why he always works a lot, building up several huge projects at the same time, travelling a lot. He lives in french Britain, needing the ocean to breathe an to exacerbate his feelings. 
He also likes to say that the train is his second home. 
He is a great photographer, collaborating with famous photographers.

Never going anywhere without his Leica. 

And now let’s talk about painting... he started producing highly beautiful paintings as a child, with whatever he could use to express his own reality. He used to paint the doors and walls of the streets of his childhood, and as a grown up, he kept on using any support and any tools to make art. 
Nowadays, his paintings are recognized by many Art professionnals. He will have several exhibitions throughout the world this year :
Switzerland, France, Italy, the USA...
He also has a blue cat named Bambou. Bambou is absolutely the heart of everything : to bring up images from his dreams, Da Silva often needs to talk with Bambou, who is a wise little cat, and who is a great artist too. 
Da Silva portrays his mental world, his dream world, with a hint of realism, a hint of eccentricity, an ocean of poetry. 


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