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Born in Monterrey N.L., Mexico. I’m an Architect by profession and my passion has always been painting. After graduating I got several watercolor and painting workshops and participated in a Program of Plastic Arts for teachers, as well as local exhibitions like:

- Architects in the Art 5ª & 6ª Edition, Abasolo Cultural Unit Gallery, Monterrey N.L.
- Got Honorable Mention in the First Contemporary Watercolor Contest, Curator: Susan Shatter, CONARTE, San Pedro Garza Garcia N.L.
- Guest Artist in the Collective Exhibition Zoko Boon in the Gallery & Café Barrio Antiguo, Monterrey N.L.

As an Art teacher in painting since the 1st Grades up to High School, my satisfaction the most was the enthusiasm and dedication that my students left on each of their paintings and that was a wonderful experience.

I got a moment in my life when married, dedicated to see my triplets rise given me wonderful and different experiences feeling more sensitivity to paint and colors.

Currently I am returning to painting with great joy and I still learning. The last updating courses were Fluid Painting and Resin Master Class.

I enjoy letting go my hand and brushes, flow the creative process on the canvas, unifying colors and designing spontaneously anything what my heart feels.

I have always said: If you take one of my paintings, you take a piece of my heart.

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