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Dilek Saraçoğlu was born in Istanbul on the 9th of November 1970.
She has gotten her BFA in Ceramic from Marmara University,
Faculty of Fine Arts on 1994. Throughout her education she had the
chance to get masterclasses focusing on ‘’artistic ceramic’’ from
Prof. Dr. Tankut Öktem and ‘’pattern in ceramic, panel preparation’’
from Prof. Jale Yılmabaşar. She has also gotten pedagogic
formation from Marmara University Faculty of Education on 1996.

After that, Dilek Saraçoğlu has started producing artworks at
various art studios. Since 2014 she has been doing artworks at
Ebulfez Ferecoğlu art studio. Dilek also participated in group
exhibitions at Niş Art Gallery through 2016-2017. After that, her
work was exhibited at Kaş Art Gallery on January 2020.

In addition, she has numerous of exhibitions lined up which also
include virtual experiences.

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