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I am an artist/ psychoanalyst painting always in abstract ways. In every human action there is psychic determinism so is in my paintings and everyone’s paintings Art like dreams unravels the unconscious My paintings are made by a flow of movements like free associations and thus my paintings are constructed as a result of the subconscious forces of abstraction and condensation, the two major forces that forge every manifestations of the psychic apparatus. So I am actually painting abstractions and condensations… My current painting project is influenced in depth by the Death Angst which in many ways is the main drive of humanity’s creations. So in my paintings Death Angst is the fuel to my creations.


I am a self-taught painter although I have taken many artistic classes over the years in painting, photography, music and art history.

I have studied Medicine and I practice medicine as a Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst and Group Therapist.

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