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I adore painting with which I have been involved since I can remember myself, but I am mainly working on it the last seven years. In the past I had attended basic studies in Arts at ECOLE ABC DE PARIS by mail. I am fascinated by abstract art as well as creating landscapes and seascapes not necessarily coming out of this world. Overwhelmed by an expressionism mood when I am painting with oil colours and I mainly use my spatulas. I don’t usually make drafts for my artworks.I am guided by my spatula which in turn is stimulated by my internal mood and my spontaneous reaction to that shaped design and dogmatic display of a figure or even a “Still Life”.I let the spatula lead the way among the dark colours which are ready to start a vendetta with the bright ones.I love painting undefined figures, landscapes, structures and shapes which I express through vivid colours full of contrasts. I also want to present you my latest technique with acrylics colours in which I do a kind of scratch on the last layer of colour. In general I believe that my paintings create or evoke intense emotions within the eyes of those who’ll observe and appreciate them. I constantly take part in several collective exhibitions in Athens and I would like to mention my successful participation in an exhibition “PEOPLE OF MEDITERRANEAN” which took place at Gallery LINDA FARRELL in PARIS ,on  November 2016. and in VIENNA at Der Kunstraum Gallery on 25 June 2018. In conclusion I would like to inform you that part of my work was presented in a decorating and architecture magazine <COZY HOME> this summer 2019.

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