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Hi there! I want to introduce myself to all of you amazing people. My name is Dawn Marie Hoskins. I am a domestic abuse survivor and overcomer of severely traumatic events throughout my life. I am now an Artist, Author, Photographer, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Poet, Mentor, Graphic Designer, and a very creative Soul. I turned my horrific past into something positive by using those experiences to reach out and help others through my creations. My Art and writing were my therapy to help release the turmoil inside. Each piece tells a story. During the creative process, I hope to help others look within themselves to help them realize their uniqueness and potential. By sharing my personal journey, I aspire to spread happiness, healing, simplicity, and clarity in everyone’s lives. Inspiration & positivity are two things I strive for daily. It takes one person reaching out to change someone’s life and I do hope to be that person. If you would like to follow my pages for uplifting and positive posts or to order art please feel free to do so. I will include them below. Thank you for taking the time to read the words from my heart.

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