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Daniela is an artist currently based in Chichester, England. She was born and raised in Romania, in the city of Craiova, where she has spent most of her life, until moving to the UK in 2019. There in Craiova, after graduating from Law School and completing a master’s degree, she has focused her attention on her clothing manufacturing business, which she has started during her time at university. This kept her busy for more than ten years, pushing her artistic side in the shadows. She has never stopped painting though, but no more than just a hobby, and only when time allowed. She has been drawing ever since she was able to hold a pencil in her hand. No matter how many achievements she would have on any other level, she would never be happy if painting would not be part of her life. Even so, she has never used it in any other way than an escape from her daily routine, a permanent hobby, if you will. It was the only way to completely detach from the environment, her personal “painting bubble”.


This changed in 2019 when she decided to close her business in Romania, moving to the UK and follow the full-time artist way.


The best word to describe her work at this moment is “experiment”. She is exploring a variety of techniques, mediums, and genres to better discover herself. Anything from portraits, animals, landscapes, cityscapes, abstracts, you name it. She is at the beginning and has had no formal training, she has not found her style yet, so she is learning, getting bored, moving to something else, trying again. Her goal, for the foreseeable future, is to get better, to improve, and ultimately to find her niche. She is overly critical of herself and seeing how much she has been missing out by not being fully part of this world sooner. She finds inspiration all around her and hopes that, at some point, others will see something and be inspired by her work.

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