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Dominique Bass-Terpstra is a traveling artist who's paintings are inspired by the immense diversity of people and cultures encountered as she makes her way all over the world. At an early age she began her study in plein air painting, marking the start to her interest in the landscape. Her practice of plein air painting escalated during studies abroad in Dingle Ireland, where she fell in love with manipulating the landscape. After she returned to the states, she achieved her B.F.A in painting from Plattsburgh State University of New York.

Beginning in landscapes allowed Dominique to push her boundaries of what a landscape painting could be. A normal landscape is understandable and easy to interpret; Dominique works in ways to create unnatural tension with her landscape compositions.

Traveling and studying plein air cityscape in Sibiu, Romania during a month long residency unfolded her most recent explorations. She found herself captivated by the expressions, movements and spirits of people. She spent time studying the figure as she sat watching from a far, drawing their movements over and over as they went about their daily life. From these studies she creates paintings which captures the characters she witnessed, bringing their personality to life on the canvas.

After living in Yellowstone National Park for six months Dominique took on another adventure. She drove from Yellowstone to all four corners of the country. It was during this trip she discovered the peaceful energy of Joshua Tree National Park. Five years later she purchased land in Joshua Tree where she had a weekend home for two years until she finally made the move to live and work in Joshua Tree in 2018. Dominique has had a variety of solo and group shows. Her works continues to be purchased by private collectors as well as public establishments nationally and internationally. In 2019 she opened her gallery Traveling Painter in downtown Joshua Tree.