courage Acrylic on Canvas 70x70 cm 2019.




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Portfolio My name is Kostadin Tanusev. I was born on August 30th, 1977 in

Strumica, North Macedonia. I grew up in a craft family and discovered my artistic talent as a child. During school I participated in national school competitions and was allowed to represent my school. At the age of 8 I started drawing my first comics.

My works were very well recognized, so at the age of 14 I was allowed to draw posters for advertising campaigns. In the military my interest in tattooing also developed, which I concentrated on in the following years.

I married at the end of 2001 and emigrated to Germany. Since 2015 my focus has
been intensely on painting again. I use several techniques, such as oil painting, acrylic painting or with dry pastel. Cubism was a great epoch in my work, as was impressionism, classic art, futurism or even pop art. I have recently committed myself to contemporary art, mostly in the geometric style.

Exhibitions and events

First group exhibition January 2001 Strumica North Macedonia.

May 2023 New York exhibition with 12 pictures contract with Galeria Artifact.

August 2020 art3f.fair Monaco With 4 pictures participation under contract with Galerie Van Gogh Madrid.

August 2020 swiss art expo digital with 3 pictures participation.

September 2020, private exhibition Crete Event 

and representation by Agora Gallery New York from January 2021.