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I’m a Polish born abstract artist based in London, UK. I discovered my big urge for creating when I was 8-9 years old. Ever since then I knew I found my calling. I then followed my interests and studied Interior design followed by Technology of advertisement. Inspiration is everywhere- my emotions , life situations, relationships, nature, music, shapes, art, architecture... Observing , noticing and feeling are my main strengths and I find beauty and art in every little thing around me.


I have been part of many creative initiatives  i.e London Portobello art and design market, art auctions, charity events and exhibitions. My art has always been very expressive and contrasting . It’s certainly evolved throughout my journey. And still is. I’m naturally a very curious and excitable person which leads me to constantly search and explore new forms of expression. I’m not limiting myself to one particular style or medium. I usually work with mixed media which helps me to evoke certain impressions  and textures . I’m intrigued with the correspondence between shapes, forms, patterns and colours. How they coexist. My process of creating is purely intuitive. Although I sometimes plan my next piece, I’m usually most satisfied with the final result when ‘’accidental drawing’’ takes over. Most of my art has a meaning and sends a message to a viewer.

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