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Dorota Chioma, a self-taught artist based in London.
After years of self-suppression, which was sabotaging her wellbeing, she
rediscovered her creativity through art therapy followed by an independent artistic
journey.  Art became her medicine without which she would not be able to cope with mental health challenges.
Her artwork explores the varying states concerning the mind and mental health.
Engaging in these diverse subjects leads her to a reflection and visual
Although she may use different media between different pieces, they are allied by
recurring concerns and through the subject matter. 
Dorota often looks for the avenues of texture to convey the message of mental
health being multi-dimensional.
She aims to provoke a participant to engage with unexplored territory or to soothe
them with familiarity, should they identify with the concern expressed.
Dorota's art represents struggles of many people living with mental health issues
and evidences the healing properties of art.
She is hugely inspired by nature, in particular by flora. Flowers, trees and plants
calm her mind and lead to tranquility needed to regain balance in a busy life

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