Doug is an accomplished money manager, currently serving as the Chief Investment Officer for a multi-billion-dollar private wealth firm in America. Art acts as an important escape from the demands of his profession.  Often times his best investment ideas come while working in his studio. 


Doug is self-taught, with an art style focused on creating highly detailed abstract pieces that first catch the eye, then seduce the viewer into A closer examination. Studying his pieces rewards with micro details and color combinations that will have you wishing for a magnifying glass. Using a combination of high pigment count acrylic paints, oils, and flow agents, he lets each piece develop organically and is not shy about scraping a canvas to start from scratch.  Most of his pieces are experimental, rarely using the same exact technique twice.


Doug was born in California and now lives north of Atlanta Georgia with his wife Amie, two teenage children and his corgi JoJo. 

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