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I see my artwork as a continual progression by pushing the boundaries of what the form itself can achieve. 

I do this by exploring, evolving, and progressing key themes in my work to achieve different effects of depth, technique, light, or form by experimentation with different materials and styles. Working in a series allows me to iterate, explore, and develop a key theme. Each series is originated by the initial visualization of a specific number of works in a range of different media which are wholly specific to that series. 

Painting one series opens new areas of interest and possibilities which then leads on to the theme explored in the subsequent series. At first glance, the links between each series

may not be immediately apparent. However, when the series is viewed sequentially, the linkage and progression of key themes, concerns, and techniques to the next is clearly evident.

Themes of progression of the treatment, representation, and eventual destruction of the human form are reflected in my figurative works.  The disintegration of flesh, form, and features caused by age [Women], the abstraction and destruction of faces, limbs, and bodies through death [Bodies/Human Forms], the movement, distortion, and fragmentation of features and faces over time [Heads].

In Landscapes series I explore the unfettered and unplanned compositions nature creates itself. I use a heightened color palette and undiluted, unmixed colors to evoke the vibrancy of sunlight on plants, trees, and flowers. In the Snowscenes series and in some of the later Landscapes the usage of foliage, leaves and branches builds a sculptural effect into the paintings

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