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Born in 1966 in Surrey.

Duncan has had a background mainly in Avionics Engineering and has also been involved in medical research and development and had success in the music industry.

After taking early retirement on medical grounds,

Duncan has thrown himself into his love for abstract art and now paints with a passion for using music to help this process.

His love of using bright vibrant colors has caught the eye of many people.

“ I use mainly acrylic paint on acrylic A3 sized paper and also some mixed media when trying out new concepts”.

“ I am drawn to bright colors and I love experimenting with them and using different techniques to manipulate the paint to give my work a pop of color, but I also like to give the painting some depth, and texture is really an important part of the process, I want people to be able to feel the energy of the painting and enjoy the fusion of colors at the same time”.

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