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Earline Cradock born Earline Lamora Cameron Is Abstract and Landscape British artist. Born in southwest London, England. The artist behind the paintings loves to travel to coastal cities and country towns. Her artwork is heavily influenced by her love for nature and wildlife, using a variety of mediums including watercolors, Gouache, acrylic, pen, digitally, and photography to capture her creativity. From a young age, she explored her fascination with Art and Designs, was always drawing, doodling a pencil, paper or sketchbook was never too far. Coming from an Art and Textiles design background. Studied Art and Design in College and as a BA(Hons) in Textiles graduating from  The Cass School of Art in 2013. Earline combines her skills together to produce designs and Artwork inspired by her influences and share her passion with the world. She is backed by encouragement and support from family to go for her dreams and to share her art. 


 "My sister has a big part to play her constant encouragement has helped me through some dark times and times where I doubted myself. Her belief and uplifting words from the very start enabled me to develop my creative nature and pursue my dream of sharing my passion for art and design.”


Many of Earline’s artwork is inspired by trips around East Sussex, Brighton, Cornwall, and South France, where she mainly travels to for inspiration but plans to travel to other areas of Europe and the UK. She is constantly producing new artworks and is always happy for commissioned pieces.

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