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Portrait and figurative painting is my passion. The human body conveys emotions and energy, together forming the foundations of human connection. My work looks to interpret these connections through the interplay of background and subject. Whether it’s a slight tilt of the chin, or slope of the shoulder, I strive for those subtle nuances that inspire the story.  I experiment with different mediums - charcoal, pastels, ink and acrylic paints - often on wood panels. My most recent works have combined charcoal and acrylic on vellum paper, exploring the texture and tones of each.


Technology has created an interconnected world, but it’s one that distracts us. We move through it, often unconscious and detached. Art is a way for me to be present. Each piece is a journey of renewed curiosity in a subject’s story. Capturing a moment in time. With each effort, I find it’s my own interpretation that unfolds. My story emerges from within the piece. It’s that chase that I love.


The process of creating an art piece forces me to live a conscious life in the service of connecting more deeply with people. With each piece I learn a new technic, something about myself and I let go of something I don’t need. As humans, I believe our minds and bodies were designed to connect to other humans. I am curious on how tone, energy, body language and other forms of expression generate this connection. I want to push my art to capture this. I want that inspiration to move an increasingly distracted world to stop, feel something and connect more deeply to the human spirit.